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Portland's  Rope Jam

at  Noble's Penumbra Studio

A monthly bondage afternoon

since 2013

NOTE: If you don't know the location you need to contact the host or RSVP before noon on the day of the event or the host may not get your message in time to send you the info with the address.


When: the fourth Sunday of each month


What: Rope Jam is a low-key gathering where people are free to enjoy some consensual rope bondage or just relax among like-minded folks for an afternoon.


Where: Noble's sorry excuse for a studio - a nearly empty 800-square-foot house built in 1947. The house does not have a wheelchair ramp. There are three steps to navigate for entrance. The place has four small rooms (some with beat up hardwood floors, some with old stained white carpet), plus a small kitchen for food, beverages, and mingling. The house has multiple hard points, a kitchen table, two futons on the floor, an antique bed, a stereo, maybe 3 or 4 wooden chairs, a few bamboo poles and not much else. There’s now AC (two window units!). So it's much cooler than previous summer afternoons at Rope Jam when the bodies heat things up.


[WARNING: This is a kinky event in a sex-positive space. Attendees will very likely be in the presence of nudity and graphic displays of overtly kinky sexuality.]


What to bring: cushions or pads for lounging on the floor (there will be a few already scattered about); food/snacks to stash or share; beverage of your choice (enjoying some beer, wine, or other alcohol is fine).


Entry: $4 suggested donation to help defray costs and keep Penumbra afloat.




Mostly this is a laid back affair and common sense should be sufficient and prevail, but just to be clear, here are a few House Rules for those new to Noble’s iron fist:


You must be 18 years of age or older to attend this gathering. Period.


By attending this gathering you acknowledge that there is a likely possibility that you will be in the presence of BDSM activities and you further acknowledge that you do not find these practices or open displays of nudity or kinky sexuality offensive. You further agree to hold harmless the owner of the venue for any accidents or mishaps that take place on the property during the gathering.


No kinky attire, activity, or carrying of kinky gear that is visible or audible to anyone outside the house.


No cameras.


Cell phone use and smoking (including “vape”) are not allowed inside – but you can take it outside on the patio or front porch. Just be really careful navigating those slippery steps if it’s wet outside.


Please refrain from wearing perfume and avoid strong fragrances (it will be close quarters in the house at times, and rope really picks up and holds scents).


If you haven’t met the host (Noble), please introduce yourself at some point during the gathering when he’s not in the middle of tying somebody up.


Bring your own rope, supplies, and gear if you want to play.


This is a rope-centric gathering. No blood, urine, or scat play is allowed. Talk to the host prior to any extended impact play. No screaming or loud impact play if the windows are open.


If you’re going to play naked or do anything involving bodily fluids, please bring your own blanket or drop cloth, etc. and use it as a barrier between you and the floor or any furniture; this is mandatory on the futon and the bed.


If you play with contact with body fluids remove your gloves or sanitize your hands before touching anything other people may come in contact with.


Clean up after yourselves. Paper towels are in the kitchen. Disinfecting wipes are available in the bathroom and hall closet. Trash goes under the kitchen sink.


No kinky play in the bathroom, the kitchen, or the hallway.


Don’t close any of the bedroom doors.


The front door needs to remain closed at all times so the neighbors don’t get an eyeful. Come in and out of the house ONLY through the side door next to the garage.


Only consensual touch is allowed – please get explicit permission before touching anyone or their gear. Only “yes” means yes. If someone declines an invitation to play, don’t ask them again for at least four hours.


Don’t intrude on other people’s play, verbally or physically, without explicit prior permission unless you hear a safeword or a call for assistance.


Calling out the word “RED” or “SAFEWORD” while you are playing will be interpreted as a demand for immediate cessation of play by your partner or a call for help from those around you.


BYOB: alcoholic beverages are fine, just don’t use the hard-points if you’ve had a few. We’ve got filtered tap water in the kitchen. There’s a kettle for boiling water for tea, etc. on the stove.


If you use a hard-point, using non-load-rated gear above your suspension ring is highly discouraged. Ask the host about the use of any unrated gear before doing any full suspension. If you have any questions about the hard-points, talk to the host before you start to play.


The hard-points in the house were installed for private use by someone who knows their quirks and limitations. USE THE HARDPOINTS AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you do use them, inspect them frequently for turning during play.


Most of the hard-points in the house are eye-nuts that were not installed for the purpose of spinning. DO NOT spin on them more than one revolution without a load-rated ball-bearing swivel. If you do spin, do so in the direction that will tighten the nut on the bolt (that’s clockwise looking up from the floor). All of the eye-nuts are load-rated to at least 1200 lbs SWL (5:1 ABS) and bolted through 4x4’s that bridge 3 rafters. The climbing anchor in the living room ceiling closest to the hallway and the climbing anchor in the north bedroom are only lag-screwed into a single rafter.


DO NOT use the white plant hooks in the ceiling as tie-off points. If you mistake a plant hook that’s just screwed through the sheet rock for a hard-point, the host will likely consider your judgment impaired to the point of not being fit to play.


Do not use the house bamboo without prior permission from the host. You may not play wet with the house bamboo.


There are no Dungeon Monitors on duty. Watch out for each other. Use the buddy system. Before using a hard-point please let at least one other rigger know what you are up to. If at any point you need assistance, just call for help and it should be graciously given by anyone around you.


What happens at Rope Jam, stays at Rope Jam.


Be kind to each other (except when you’re consensually being mean during your play) and have a good time.


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