Here's three free videos for non-members and members alike.  The first is an art piece about tying for connection.  The second is a video on some of the dangers inherent in rope bondage.  This is essential viewing for all people interested in tying or being tied.  You MUST watch this video before attempting any of the ties in subsequent lessons.

The third video is a quick overview of some of the single-column ties that I use in my ropework.  More details on how to tie some of them are in the members only section.

If you enjoy these videos, please consider a small donation to express your appreciation and help keep Noble Rope Arts afloat.

NEW!  In Advanced rigging:  Hojojitsu cuffs

NEW!  In Beyond the Basics:  Noble's Hybrid Boxtie

FUNDAMENTALS:  Safety, Single-column ties, Basic 2-column tie, Crossing knots, Basic chest harness, Gunslinger hip harness, and more.

BEYOND THE BASICS:  Box tie, Mount Fuji pattern, Late-locked Leto hip harness, Late-cinched frog leg tie, and more.

ADVANCED RIGGING:  Arms-free diamond chest tie, Double-diamond hojojitus chest tie, Shuka hishi, Vibrator tie, and more.