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Artist's Statement

Consensual rope restraint is all about building and exploring trust.  The person being tied willingly relinquishes control temporarily to the  person doing the tying.  The art of rope bondage is not in just creating aesthetically pleasing  designs on the body, though those beautiful patterns do emerge through applying one's skill and knowledge.  The true artistry, I believe, comes in taking the power that has been  given over to you and using it to create truly compelling and potentially sublime moments of vulnerability and intensity for both people to experience and enjoy together.


For this reason my style of rope tying is mostly about simplicity and functionality, so that the concentration of the rigger is not so much on the techniques or the rope, but more on how the application of the rope, the way the person in your care is being handled, is affecting them.  It isn't about the rope - it's about connecting with your partner.

Engaging in consensual rope bondage has provided me with some of the most gratifying moments of  intimacy and connection in my life.  I hope that what Noble Rope Arts has to offer helps you in your explorations  creating such wonderful moments of your own to savor and  cherish.

Noble Manqué

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