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Noble's History with Rope

About Noble Manqué

Born 1953   |   Resident of Portland, Oregon USA   |   Rope bondage artist/instructor

Noble is a full-time rope bondage artist, creating bondage art, photography, rope bondage performances, rigging for photographers and theater, and teaching others about this amazing erotic art form

Rope Artist experience highlights

1973   Began exploring consensual bedroom bondage with his willing partners

1977   Broadened his artistic interests to nude and fetish photography

1982  Began explorations of D/s and BDSM in private relationships

2005  Entered the public kink community in Portland, Oregon

2006  Joined the Portland Rope Arts Group

2008  Founded Noble Rope Arts and began teaching rope bondage full-time

2010  First solo rope bondage photography show -  Club Sesso, Portland, Oregon

2011  First public group juried show - Seattle Erotic Arts festival

2012  Invitational Show at The Art of Contempory Shibari, Houston

2013  First time  presenting at Kinkfest, Portland Oregon

2013-2016  House Rigger at DeaconX Fetish Night, Portland Oregon

2014  Headliner presenter and performer at Frolicon, Atlanta

2014  First "Uncommon Restraint" bondage performance night featuring Noble

2016  First time presenting and performing at Kumoricon, Portland, Oregon

2017  Headliner presenter at Conception Idigeo Victoria,  Victoria, BC

2019  Invitational rope bondage photography show, International Shibari Week, Tokyo

Rope Training & professional experience

2017  Portland, Oregon   |   Advanced Shibari Workshop   |   Kazami Ranki

2015  Vancouver BC   |   Advanced Shibari Workshop  |   Hajime Kinoko

2011-2017  Portland, Oregon   |  Uprigger  |   Local Stagehand's Union

1987  Alaska   |   Swiftwater Rope Rescue Certification I and II   |   Rescue3

1979-1991  Pacific NW   |  Professional tree climber/rigger  |   USFWS

1977 California  |   Vertical Rope Rescue training  |   National Park Service

Special Skills

Noble is well-versed in technical rope rigging and artistic bondage tying for photography, film productions, theater, and performance

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