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Beyond the basics of Erotic Rope Restraint

Hogs, Frogs, and Shrimp, oh, My!

This is the second workshop in Noble's two-part series on beginner's rope bondage.


Building on the foundation of sound single- and double-column ties and a solid chest harness, we're going to delve into using these basic building blocks to create really classic ties and also give you the confidence to get creative in your rope work. We'll add some important techniques to the fundamentals repertoire, and then we'll explore the power of hogties, forced bows (shrimp ties), running poses (with frog ties), crotch ropes, and spreader bars – things that really open up the possibilities of creating sexy vulnerability, rigor, and erotic access in your bondage. This is where it really starts to get “interesting.”


Attendees should have a working understanding of one- and two-column ties and a simple chest harness – though we'll quickly go over those things as a refresher for those who took the Fundamentals workshop the previous month.


Class-size limited to 12 people.


$25 per person, $50 per couple. Payment in advance required.

No refunds.


Send Noble a Personal Message to reserve your space.

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